Valentine gore*

(C) Photo: 2016 Zsófia Diana Szalay, co-photographer & assist: Zsigmond Kostyál, Viktor Romász
MUAH: Renata Kiss (Milendoria)
Model : Patiszon, Viki

*title by KZs.



Once upon a time

Fairy tale LARP quick character photoshoot.

LARP organizers: gillz and dreamer
(C) Photo: 2015 Zsófia Diana Szalay, Photo assist: Barbara Zsidek (barizsidek)
Models and MUAH: Hanna, Júlia, Ágnes, Gery, Dóri, Barbara
Make-up: Renata Kiss
Location: The Evil Court, Fairyland

Her Majesty, the Queen of Ice, ruthless ruler of the Evil Kingdom. Long time ago, she was kind and merciful with bright hopes for a humbler future. But she met the Good King in a Bad Moment. And her frozen heart was crushed forever…


Daughter of the Good King, running from her fate, in vain.


A lovely family was dwelling in the Golden Forest, a stunning unicorn and a sweet pony and their only child: the Unipony. She was dreaming to become a magic steed, who will fly heros to unknown dangers and back. Preferably in one piece.


‘Come to my bogs, come to my swamps, come to my marshes’ – said the little Wisp. You may be a fool to follow her lights or she might just saves your life. They say, she likes to dance.


HRH and her lady-in-waiting, Spinella. She was born in the Silver forest for an unimaginative fairy family, who were painfully good and incredibly boring. So Spinella poured all her goodness into a tiny, fashionable vial pendant and was off the Evil Court for magic and excitement. Sadly, she got none of them.


Princess in disguise from the Land Far Far Away. Oldest sister, left her home for good.


Pixie Bond of noble fairy blood from the Golden Forest. When the last king of the fairies disappeared over a year ago, he was a promising candidate for the Golden Throne. But he just didn’t want it, “a pixie ain’t fit for a ruler” said he. (“But a pixie is just fit for sacrifice” – thought the Evil Advisor of the Ice Queen and went to the dungeons for some minor preparations.)